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A Community Story Circle Brings a Nation of Nations Together

Opens September 13th - 16th

Spoken-Word discourse is an oral tradition passed down from one generation to the next. Participants gain a sense of their place in time and history as part of the great American diaspora. 

Silver Spring Black Box Theatre - 8641 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD

An interactive performance of cultures -- immigrant residents share their aspirations. "Talking to America: One Dream at a Time" is an encore performance of "America's Talking" that premiered in June where participants talk about their experiences through poetry, music and dramatic storytelling; a tableau of residents of ethnic backgrounds share personal stories.

Live Garra Theatre partners with the Gandhi Brigade Youth Media organization to film the project; documenting a montage of characters from places all around the world: Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Asian and South American countries. 

"Talking to America" will create a sense of belonging, increase awareness to get a better understanding of diverse cultures from the people who may wear traditional dress and speak an indigenous language.

MISSION: Live Garra Theatre, Inc., a professional theatre, endeavors to employ the cultural arts as a way to address universal social-life issues: to ‘live Garra’ (Portuguese for prevail), means to go-the-distance and never give up; to illuminate all facets of a multicultural society; fostering cross-cultural understanding of the many ethnic voices in the community, reinforcing the value of diversity, strengthening the social connections among people. 

As a resident company and managers of the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre, the organization operates out of the space as a performance training studio; an incubator for a core repertory of skilled poets, playwrights, and artists, as well as providing a 'safe harbor' for the youth. Live Garra Theatre aspires to fill the void of culturally specific Theatre, preserving the unique legacy of the African-American heritage and contribute to the survival of Black Theatre.


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