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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Justice for All

"A Matter of Perspective"

by C. G. Gardiner

Eight people come together to deliberate the guilt or innocence of a young black man arrested by two white police officers. Their divergent perspectives uncover deeply-rooted prejudices, exposing a broken American justice system that stares hatred right in the face.

Because race and racism is a compelling subject and the human experience is shared from all different perspectives. Race, gender, cultural and religious beliefs examined through the art of storytelling is social commentary - political 'grit', cathartic and transformative.

"A Matter of Perspective is a provocative new work ... It is a stimulating work with the potential for greater accomplishment ... Kudos go to Live Garra Theatre, Artistic Director Wanda Whiteside and playwright C.G. Gardiner for bringing to the stage a timely look at today's racial tensions in law enforcement. The cast is also to be commended for providing interesting character portraits ..."    Steven McKnight -DC Theatre Scene (10/7/16)