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meditations from the universe: playwrights'  conservatory

Season IV

The following event is scheduled for 12/19/13 through 12/21/13. Please CALL / EMAIL us at 855-575-4834 * 855-57-Live Garra / for ticket information.

Dec. 19-21 2013

'Crazy Wisdom'


Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 7:30 PM / Round House Theatre * 8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD

The Playwrights' Conservatory is an evening of NEW plays read aloud as part of a holiday gathering to celebrate characters in search of Crazy Wisdom; "abandoning preconceived notions, seeing through surfaces, and moving beyond ordinary reason. It is a wisdom built of multiple perspectives, irreverence, paradox, ... writer Wes Misker calls it "the wisdom of the ... poet, mad scientist, and the fool." It is the stuff of myth, the things that make sense in dreams but become absurd upon waking.  ... It is what enables us to pay attention to the odd and out of balance, to embrace the strange and contradictory in our world ... seeing slant." J. Jepson   

The Playwright is the voice of the human living experience